Friday, September 19, 2014

6 Month Challenge: Battlesuits and Riflemen.

Okay so I haven't had the best start to the 6 month miniature painting challenge.  All I have managed to do in the last week was assemble some new stuff for my Hell Knights mercenary army.  I didn't pick up a single brush this week in fact mostly I just went to work and slept.  I've really been wanting to get both of these squads put together for a while now.  I've only been running with one Battlesuit in my Hell Knight army and that character was taken out of the action for our home campaign so I don't plan to filed that one any time soon.  Also these are converted from toys made from some type of vinyl material and when I painted the first Hell Knight battlesuit I used a clear coat that caused it to off gas.  I plan to strip it down and repaint it soon.

The riflemen are pretty important because I will have a full platoon of these troops when I finish them and that has been a goal for a while now.  I have over 50 troops in the Hell Knight army but they are mixed between several types of squads.  I want to have a platoon of core troopers then expand to a platoon of veterans, heavy infantry, and scouts.  This will finish up the first platoon.


daveb said...

Does the off gassing cause bubbling of the paint? Your campaign looks quite interesting,and you seem to be quite active with the gaming.

Looking forward to seeing what you get painted up in the months ahead.

Ironworker said...

Rubber and some vinyl and plastic materials can off gas. This is when gas escapes from the material. Lots of toys are made entirely or partly from these materials and they have to be painted with certain paints. Different materials will react differently to different paints as well so it's hard or sometimes impossible to find something suitable to paint with. Off gassing will usually keep the paint from fully setting up because of the trapped gas resulting in different levels of stickiness depending on how the materials interact. I've found Krylon Fusion for plastic will work most of the time as a primer but not all of the time. Varnish is even more tricky. I haven't yet found a varnish I can use on the M.A.R.S. robots I use for Battlesuits so I usually don't varnish them. I haven't had a lot of trouble with playing with them unvarnished but I'm careful how I handle them.