Monday, September 22, 2014

The Battle of Pleasant Valley: A Station 42 War Game Report (sort of)

 May 25th 3033 Hell Knight forces attempt to shut down militia recruiting operations in Pleasant Valley.  Five units of militia occupy the town supported by four improvised armored vehicles.  As the Hell Knight armored column approaches town the defenders are re-enforced by three units of renegade Planetary Guards and one unit of veteran mercenaries from the Wolfhound Freikorps and their vehicles.

We fought this battle back at the end of May and I'm just now getting around to putting it up so this report will be a little different.  Rather than follow my regular format I have put up a number of images with a brief description of what was going on as best as I can remember it.
 The Hell Knights began to advance into the city  The scouts have moved ahead and occupied two buildings gaining cover from the rooftops.  A few scouts were knocked out early in an exchange of fire with militia members.

 On the Hell Knight left Flank two LAGAREVs moved in to face off against more militia.

 Carson Boon and his unit as well as the Titania Hunting Club had taken up a position on a large building on the Hell Knights left.

 Fighting got pretty hot in the center of the field.  Bear's militia unit took out a LAGAREV and killed almost an entire squad of mercenary veterans.

 Another LAGAREV was destroyed by small arms fire.  The remaining veteran riflemen fled into a small building.

 Another technical was destroyed on the Hell Knights right flank and a few militia from Dutton's gang were taken out.
 The veterans from the Wolfhound Friekorps attempted to assault the Hell Knights Armored Assault squad's position.  Although more Wolfhounds were Killed in the exchange the Armored Assault squad broke and ran from it's position.

 Two units of renegade Planetary Guards charged in on the Hell Knights left and attacked a squad of mercenary regulars routing them.

 On the Hell Knight right flank the mercenary Landshark AFV laid into Bear's unit and a unit of Planetary Guard causing heavy casualties to both squads.

 On the Hell Knights Left the remaining regular riflemen are completely destroyed as the defenders advance in force.
 Hell Knight Vehicles push through the middle of the field and begin to flank around the side.  

 The Hell Knight Landshark routs the rest of Bear's unit wile the mercenary scout squad picks off most of the remainder of Dutton's gang.

 A Hell Knight Hobelar fires it's pulse laser through gaps in the buildings killing another militia vehicle.
 The Planetary Guard Badger MRAP advances behind the Hell Knight right flank.
 The bloody results of the fighting shows many smoking vehicles on either side.  Casualties mount among the infantry just as quickly.

 Bear's unit is completely destroyed and Dutton's unit is all but wiped out on the Hell Knight's right.

 The Hell Knights Hobelar is taken out by combined fire.  Due to their strong position and Boon's force field the defenders on the Hell Knights left flank have taken very few casualties.

 The Hell Knights hold onto the right flank taking a few casualties but causing far more damage to the enemy.
The last remaining LAGAREV gets revenge killing several of the renegade Planetary Guard.  Both sides took very heavy casualties but the Hell Knights just couldn't do enough damage to push the defenders out so they were forced to pull back.

Notes:  I think the Hell Knights scored more points in this battle than the defenders but they didn't really manage to drive the militia forces out.  It was close in the end but we decided the Titanian's held out.  Oddly enough the best units on each side suffered the worst casualties and proved less effective.  The Hell Knight scouts usually get slaughtered and do very little damage but in this battle they survived and did more damage than my other units.  Despite the fact that Bear's unit was taken down they did do a lot of damage to the mercenaries before being taken out including doing enough damage to the Landshark to destroy one of it's weapons and slow it down.  
Sorry again for the odd format.  I just haven't had time to post reports like I should.  We just finished another battle and I hope to finish the campaign very soon.  The Hell Knights have basically be pushed back to station 42 and the Titania forces are massing for a final assault.  


mattblackgod said...

Another great report. I love seeing your games. Great inspiration.

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Awesome stuff as usual :D