Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ore processing plant for spaceport WIP

I'm trying to wrap up this little ore processing plant for my spaceport. I've added a couple small details since I took this picture but this is pretty much what it looks like. I've got a couple more details to add and then it will be ready for a base cote. Scratch builds like this always look like a mess until you get the base cote on them. I think it's going to look pretty good.

I tried not to go overboard with the detailing but I wanted to change the shape of the containers I used a bit because so much scratch built terrain out there is made up of easily recognized containers. Sometime this produces good results but a lot of times the tables end up looking like they are covered with nothing but painted soda cans and food containers. Of course those items are good for terrain building but it helps to dress them up a bit so they don't look so mundane.


Chris said...

Love the eclectic assortment used here! The razors have worked out well, the pegs are rather inspired and the platformer plastic terrain set seems like it'll add quite a bit to the piece! I have a set in pieces in the "terrain bits horde" for use for my planned stuff!

Cyborg Trucker said...

I'll be borrowing the plastic razor handle idea. That is awesome! They make great sci-fi flying buttresses and building supports!
Where do you find the curler tubes. I've been to the local dollars stores but they never have that style. Wasn't sure if those got phased out.

Ironworker said...

the curler tubes I got at Wal-Mart. I need to check Dollar General and see what they have because the ones I got arn't all that cheap.

Cyborg Trucker said...

But you can get them. All my Dollar stores have are the bristle curlers that the hair is wrapped around and then a holding pin is put through. I use the tube curlers like you have for everything from smokestacks to building supports. But the bristly ones can only be used to make street sweepers or model car washes at best. LOL!