Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rectangular cargo containers from disposable razor guards.

Ever since I did my cargo containers from coke bottle caps (pictured in the back) I've been looking for a super cheap way to make rectangular containers. Round containers are fine for chemicals but most items are not shipped in barrels. I've searched high and low for something cheap and easy but with little luck until I happened on these. I was needing a shave and I was out of razors and low on money so I ran into my local Dollar General store and picked up a 12 pack of Dollar General brand razors for $1.00.

To say the least it wasn't my best shave but I did discover that the blade guards for the DG brand razors would make great little cargo containers with a little work. The little U shaped divots you see in the containers were voids in the plastic guard. I knew I would have to deal with these open spaces to make effective containers. My solution was to super glue short lengths of round toothpicks on the back side of the guard before I glued two guards together to make the container.

After putting them together I simply base coated them with some primer and painted them up. Not quite as simple as the coke cap project but cheaper when you think about it. I got six crates for a dollar and the plastic handles of the razors will also make nice bits for terrain projects.

After buying the first pack I went back and and picked up two more packs. I'm sure I'll be picking up more in the future. I'll have a whole hold full of these things for just a few dollars. If you have a Dollar General in your town you might want to give it a try. I wouldn't bother using the razors for shaving. Between the containers and other useful terrain bits I think it's a pretty good value as is.


Chris said...

Rather cool idea :)
The guy over at uses the handles in his various terrain projects, they should be useful as you say.

Ironworker said...

Yeah I've been a long time fan of his stuff. Actually I know a guy who has purchased pretty much an entire table of his terrain so I'v seen some of it up close. He definately makes the most of random junk. :)

Chris said...

I first saw his site in the Citadel Journal back in the day, I bought it the day before I went into hospital for a knee operation, so I spent most of the following week formulating plans :)

Storm_Bringuer_PR said...

I did some containers with TIC TAC Caps. I was talking with a freind brainstorming about terrain and he had just finished a pack. Thats when i saw the cap of the package and it reminded me of Luke's Skywalker in dagobah in Empire Strikes back. He is unloading some containers of his X-wing starfighter. put side by side they look great!