Monday, August 2, 2010

Stupid painting mistakes or how to ruin hours of converting.

This is Missouri in August. The heat index today is suppose to hit 110 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity is insanely high. My garage is even hotter and more humid than the outside. These are not good conditions to spray paint in. In fact they are almost the worst. So after spending a good deal of my Sunday converting these guys I managed to just about ruin them in less than an hour trying to base cote them in really bad conditions. To top it off I grabbed a can a paint I only use for terrain. Although in my defense the terrain I painted with it yesterday came out dead smooth. I thought "hey this will be fine for painting some NPC type minis I don't plan to go all out on anyway".
Man was I wrong. These guys came out really rough. Almost unpaintable and there really isn't much I can do about it. With the kind of converting I did they would be hard to strip and I'm not a big fan of stripping plastics. I feel like and idiot since I've been painting for almost 25 year and this is a pretty newb type mistake.
I'm going to try using some GW foundation paint and probably put it on a little thicker as a base cote than I normally would. Hopefully that will salvage these guys enough to be playable. I've done similar things in the past when I had this issue. It's not ideal but these aren't the most important figs on my table and I didn't expect them to look top notch.
I guess we'll find out.

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Cyborg Trucker said...

I have found using a dollar store electric tooth brush to polish the fuzz off a miniature works pretty well. Saves having to do anything to drastic. I use an electric one cause it doesn't require much elbow work. Saving on any future joint or muscle stress issues.