Monday, May 23, 2011

Perils of the Warp?

Way back about 14-16 years ago I was an avid Warhammer 40k player. My primary army was Space Marines and my wife's primary army was Orks although we dabbled in most of the other armies that were part of 2nd edition. I had a 500 space marines with over 150 painted and My wife probably had 500 Orks with even more painted. Then 3rd edition came out and we sold off everything after about 4 games. Well almost everything. Stuff lingers. I still had a formitable force of Battle sisters and some odds and ends. Anyway we've barely touched the stuff since we 3rd edition came out. I think I could count the number of games of 40K I've played since then on one hand. We have played fantasy off and on for year but we were done with 40K.

We picked up Assault on Black Reach when it came out before the rediculas price hike. I probably also got a discount on it from my FLGS. Anyhow I played one battle with my Sisters over a year ago and put together five of the Marines. A friend of ours who we use to play 40K with quite a bit has kept playing this entire time and ammased more figures than any 12 players need to play the game. Quite a bit of it was our old stuff. He finally convinced me to play a couple 1000 point games last night and I felt they weren't bad. The new eddition of the game is better although still not as interesting as 2nd edition. It seems to run ok and of course there are t0ns of local players for it.

For mostly social gaming reasons we've decided to give it another try. I have a pretty good Sisters army and we have enough Space Marines and Orks to get started. I've got two tactical squads of marines, a scout squad, and three terminator squads, plus two drednaughts and the captain from the boxed set. My wife has the Orks from the boxed set plus hundereds of fantasy Orks and Goblins that could be converted for 40K easily. So our plan is to build slowly and smartly on these three armies only for at least a year before we start "buying" new stuff. Almost all the OrK vehicles and a lot of troops will be scratch built or converted from toys and junk. The only thing I'm buying for the Space Marines will be vehicles and a perhaps and Assault and Devistator squad. The Sisters are only getting vehicles and in fact we may even paint up what imperial vehicles we get with a generic scheme so they can do double duty.

That's my plan for not getting bent over the barrel by GW prices. We plan to play games mostly at home with friends to avoid the asshat fanboys and tournament mentality that makes a game with a decent setting no fun to play. Basically I refuse to pay $33.00 for an Ork truck when I can convert one from a $2.00 toy and some plastic junk.

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The Belgian, said...

Like the idea of converting your own ork trukks! (I want some picture when they are done :p)

I also love the picture your included in the post, it looks like a great set up!