Saturday, May 28, 2011

AE Bounty Battle Report "Pirate Raid"

We played our second game of AE Bounty Thursday night playing with pretty much the same crews as we did in our first report. The only major change in the list was that the green squads in Boon's Irregulars replaced their grenades with AP rounds.

We randomly selected the "Robbery" scenario from the book. The pirates has the secondary objective "Assassination" and the militia had the secondary objective "Capture".

I was playing the pirates and my objective was steeling loot from the militia's warehouse in the center of the table. The dirty trick I had selected for the battle was "scouts" which allowed me to set up the "Duct Rats" in hidden deployment. In the last battle this served me having three pirates with sub machineguns gunning down militia from turn one however the battlefield condition we rolled was "darkness" so they needed a 6 on a d6 to hit anything. Still with a rate of fire of 3 it seemed like a good idea.

Rolling 9 dice helped the "Duct Rats" score hits but their targets all had medium cover which added quit a bit to their armor saves. Redjack the militia sniper has the "Hunter" ability with "human" chosen as the target race. That gave him +1 strength to his shots. He was also a crack shot and he also had the "Crack Shot" ability which allowed him to ignore up to 2 points of cover. With two shots and a better ranged combat skill than the pirates he quickly started eliminating them.

By the 2nd turn Captain Cyclopes had managed to pick up a bag of loot and head for the table edge. I had to get two bags of loot off the table to achieve the primary objective of the battle. I chose to use my captain and my two quarter masters to be my looters because they had more action points than my crew and just picking up a bag of loot cost an action point.

Things just kept getting nastier for the "Duct Rats". My wife moved two militia around to flank me and I managed to shoot one down but Redjack dropped another pirate.

By the third turn Carson Boon had got into the fight. Fortunately for the pirates Vinnie the Quartermaster had picked up another bag of loot and was heading off with it. Grim was not so lucky and ended up in hand to hand with the militia leader so "Da Gurlz" charged down the hill to help him. Boon was wounded in the first turn due to being highly outnumbered.

By the end of the third turn Captain Cyclopes had made it off the tabled edge. Vinnie looked close behind with the 2nd bag.

By the fourth turn militia members Smith and Jones charged into the combat at the warehouse. During the fighting "Da Gurlz" were wiped out but Grimm the quartermaster managed to put another wound of Boon.

By the end of the 4th turn Vinnie was right at the tables edge with the 2nd bag of loot but it would be another turn before he could get off the table with it.

Grim managed to hold off the militia with some amazing hand to hand combat rolls. He even managed to take Jones down. What really helped him was that Quartermasters get a natural 4 armor value and he had a light armor suit with made his armor value 5. Since no one in the fight had any hand to hand combat weapons it was pretty easy for him to resist strength 2 attacks.

At the end of the battle the pirates had achieved the primary objective of getting two bags of loot off the table. The militia had achieved their faction objective of 1000 creds due largely to the 500 cred bonus for wiping out two thirds of the pirates. According to the rules it was a tie. Playing this scenario was quite a bit of fun and I think you could easily add it into a story or map based campaign. We will hopefully be starting some kind of AE Bounty campaign soon in our "Station 42" setting.

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ranolan said...

Excellent report!

We are planning a summer campaign for both AE-WWII and Bounty starting in July to get people psyched for Gen Con.

Glad you are enjoying the game and keep visiting our foums!

Bob (Varagon)
Darkson Designs
Head Partisan