Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hell Knights Scout Squad and Sniper

I've been working on this squad for my Hell Knights mercenary army.  We are using No Limits for our rule systems and infiltrating squads can't be any larger than 6 models but I am also making these guys up as an Imperial guard army so these guys will just be used as a veteran squad for that version of the army. 
I'll be putting more up about the background of the army for my own setting soon.  These guys will soon see action in the Station 42 setting. 


Mik said...

I've got x20 of these Catachans already assembled just waiting for me one day to pick up a brush. I'll just live vicariously through you actually painting your squad, haha.

Ironworker said...

I find the Catachans to be a pain in the ass to paint. All that exposed flesh and they arn't that well sculpted especially at the shoulder joints. I found a box of 20 troopers at my FLGS for about the same price as GW are charging for the 10 man box so I decided to pick them up. I'm using them as scouts and commandos. The commandos will have more gear. Backpacks, explosives, climbing gear ect. I'd like to buy some 3rd party heads with berrets for the commandos but my budget is kinda thin at the moment.