Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fantasy Project "Legends of the Gold Sea"

We are starting a new Fantasy project similar to the Station 42 project.  We are going to focus on a geographic area called "The Gold Sea".  Our first project will be a small coastal village but we will also be building up to a large port city.  This is going to be a pretty generic fantasy setting with a very Mediterranean feel. 

The Gold Sea is named not for it's color but for the massive amount of trade that goes on along it's coast.  It is the richest area in the world and a cultural melting pot.  All manner of fantasy races and monsters will be a part of the setting.  It will be a place of wealthy city states, pirate kingdoms, and clashing empires. 

We plan to create the setting in several different ages.  We will have an Ancient Age, a Dark Age, a Medieval Age, a Renaissance, and an Age of Exploration.  We will accomplish this by making terrain that can be changed out in each location to show the changing times.  We will likely start in the late Dark Age or early Medieval Age. 

This will of course be a long running project so we are starting with a coastal town terrain set that we plan to fit on a 4x4' or 4x6' table. 


Deserter said...

Bloody hell, I always love your projects!

I've just started a similar project using the Skulldred and SoBH rules and various different warbands. Love the thought of yours being the various different time periods, not sure I've seen that done before!

Ironworker said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your Skulldred stuff!

Mik said...

Very cool idea, and sucha natural one too but I would've never thought of it. Looking forward to more...