Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Look at the size of that thing! Is this toy too big?

 I recently picked up a "Victorious Mission" military play set from a local Dollar General for $8.00.  Actually I got a couple different ones.  One of them had this large AFV which looks a bit like a Stryker.  I want to used this for 28mm games but it's pretty large.  About 8 inches long and 3and a half inches wide.  It's clearly meant for larger scale figures.  The figures that came in the set were the typical 54mm sized army men. 
It doesn't really look that bad to me and there are larger sized tanks and troop transports on the market right now like the new Land Raider from Games workshop.  Also "Super" tanks and AFVs are common in many sci-fi settings.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up using it because it's just such a good deal even though it's a bit on the large side.  I'm just looking for some feedback from other gamers. 


CounterFett said...

I'd say run with it! Even though it looks substantially bigger than the other tanks in the top shot, it looks like the right scale to the figures in the bottom shot.

It's commonly acknowledged that vehicles for popular game settings are terribly sized, I think it looks big because it's right. Modern AFVs are quite big in real life too.

commissarmoody said...

Its a LAV-25 the USMC has been useing it since the 80s. Its vary over sized compared to the real version, but his is a sci-fi game. do what you will lol.


Sergeant Crunch said...

Given my experience riding around in a few different versions of MRAPs a few times I'd say it's not too terribly large. I think that it's a recognizable modern vehicle is what's making it look too large because we know the original isn't that big compared to a person.

Anonymous said...

I have the same one. I plan to use it as a large mobile headquarters.

Anonymous said...

You could use it better for the 54mm game of Inquisitor - it would be perfect for that.