Monday, June 4, 2012

Maxed Out Episode 4 "Hopless Causes"

Late May 3031

There have been a number of strange things going on around Station 42 in the last few months. A number of hydroponics farms near the station have been attacked by well armed mercenaries. The government of Titania seems to be backing their claims that their farms have been purchased by an unnamed buyer who has every right to evict them. Many of the farmers and other locals have banded together to form a militia to fight these mercenaries. The “Militia” is being lead by Carson Boon. A well known local militia leader and trouble maker.

General Drake the leader of the Planetary Guard has resigned his commission and a number of Planetary Guard members have gone missing with their equipment including a few tanks. It is believed that at least a company of men have gone missing. General Drake was reported to have said that he “Can not let this kind of thing stand” as he departed the capitol building in Titania City.

In other news Mr. Biggs of the Venture Star Prospecting company was kidnapped a few weeks ago along with his Secretary and one of his scientist. Rosie from Station 42 salvaged the mercenary hover tank that was destroyed during an recent battle between the mercenaries and the militia near the Ghost Compound. Vinnie, one of the Blood Born pirate leaders, was also recently captured by Rocky Tomson and Jennie Tam and turned in for a bounty.

After capturing Vinnie Jennie Tam and Rocky Tomson hadn't had much work. They were doing alright for themselves but they were starting to run short on funds. The “Hell Knight” mercenaries had put out a bounty on Carson Boon for $4,000 and Rocky was tempted to start looking for him despite his recent status as a local hero. Boon was certainly not her favorite person and he didn't care for her much either. Still he was fighting the mercenaries who had been attacking the locals so now wouldn't be a good time to go after him.

As they were having lunch in the “Close Encounter” Rocky received a com from a man who identified himself as Lt. Jefferies formally of the Planetary Guard who had a job for them.

Meeting Lt. Jefferies
Rocky and Jennie decided to check the offer out so they traveled out to the meet coordinates. The meet was at some ruins outside of the Station. Lt. Jefferies was there with nine other men who were clearly members of the Titania Planetary Guard.

Lt. Jefferies explained that his men had arms and equipment but very little ammo. They needed some crates of ammo that had been given to Carson Boon at Bunker #1138 that had been lost when the mercenaries took that bunker over from the militia. The mercenaries had destroyed most of the Militia's supplies but the ammo was labeled “Property of the Government of Titania” so they mercenaries hadn't destroyed it. The renegade planetary guardsmen needed that ammo before they could mount an offensive to take back the bunker.

Jefferies had a file of false information about Carson Boon that they were to turn over to the mercenaries to gain their trust. He also wanted Jennie and Rocky to find out what kind of forces the mercenaries had at the bunker and what they were up to. The pay would be $2,000. Jennie and Rocky accepted the offer

Jennie decided to “muck up” the engines on the Maxed Out a bit so that they might have an excuse to stick around they bunker while she “repair” their ship.

Bunker #1138 under the control of the "Hell Knights" mercenaries.
As the Maxed Out approached Bunker #1138 a warning beacon on their instrument panel lit up warning them that a battery of anti aircraft missiles had locked onto their ship. “Maxed Out you are entering a restricted air space. What is your business for being here?” came a voice over their com system. Jennie explained that they had information on Carson Boon. They were allowed to land but were advised not to make any unusual maneuvers or power their weapons on their approach.

As they landed they noticed the anti aircraft missiles as well as another “Sky Sweeper” class attack craft similar to the “Maxed Out”.

Unfortunately Jennie had mucked up the engines a bit too well and they damaged one of their landing struts when they touched down too hard. Now they really did have a need for repairs.

The well guarded bunker.
Jennie and Rocky entered the well guarded bunker and met with Sargent Jones who seemed to be in command. Jones was impressed with the file on Carson Boon but said that they were have to wait around for a while so his men could check out the information. Jones also told them he would pay them $500 for the information if it was worth anything. He also offered them work providing air support for the mercenaries if they could get their ship fixed up.

Rocky chats with the mercenaries.
While Jennie worked on the ship Rocky decided to chat with some Mercenaries resting near some tents. One of the mercenaries was quite chatty and told Rocky a number of interesting things about their operation. His friends were upset with him but didn't seem too concerned.

Jennie meets Freddy the pilot of the other Sky Sweeper.
Jennie was working on the ship when a man approached her. He wasn't dressed like the mercenaries and he introduced himself as “Freddy” the pilot of the other Sky Sweeper. Jennie had heard of Freddy. She had seen him a few times at the “Close Encounter” back at Station 42. Freddy told her how the mercenaries hadn't expected any resistance so they hadn't really brought a lot of air support on this operation. They were paying him well to enforce their no fly zone around the bunker and the farms.

Jennie's map of the bunker.
Jennie and Rocky were at the bunker for several hours. Jennie managed to repair the landing strut but she wasn't sure how long it would hold without a better repair. In that time she managed to draw up a map of the bunker and camp as well as put together a report with the information they had gathered.

The two could not however figure out a way to steal the ammo crates. They decided to head back to Lt. Jefferies and give him the report.

Sargent Jones came out to talk to them before they left. He said their information had turned out to be helpful. They had even captured a few suspects. Jones payed them and again offered them a job after they got the ship patched up.

Lt. Jefferies was pleased with the report. He told Jennie and Rocky that the people the mercenaries had captured were plants who would be spying on the mercs and feeding the resistance information. He also suggested that they take up the mercenaries offer to fly patrols as a way to get back in and steel the ammo.

Jennie and Rocky came up with a plan. They went back to Station 42 and has Rosie help them repair their ship. They also purchased 200 ft. of cable and a wench from her which the attached to the bottom of their ship. While they were there they saw the hover tank Rosie had salvaged from the Ghost Compound. When they asked her what she was going to do with it she responded that she would most likely sell it back to the mercenaries. She didn't care about a bunch of “dirt farmers who didn't pay their bills”.

Back at the bunker.
The Maxed Out returned to the bunker. Jennie and Rocky again met with Sargent Jones to sign a contract with the mercenaries to provide air support. Jones told them that it would take a while to process their contract but that he would soon have an assignment. He told them to make themselves comfortable at the base.

Having "lunch" at the ammo crates.
Jennie and Rocky decided to take the opportunity to go check out the crates of ammo. The crates looked heavy and they knew it would take some time to hook them up. They decided to “take lunch” using the crates as a table. Jennie went back to the ship and carefully reached under to pull the cable out from the wench. As they were having lunch they hooked up the cable to the crates. A couple of the mercenaries noticed what they were doing but didn't say anything because there were now “part of the team”. When they finished lunch they went back to the ship and waited.

Sargent Jones came out a bit later with their first patrol assignment. Jennie and Rocky made their pre-flight prep.

The heist!
As the Maxed Out lifted off they slowly wound the cable back in with the wench. When the cable became taught the crates of ammo began to lift off the ground. Sargent Jones screamed at them over the com to land their ship or they would be shot down. The take off was rough with the extra weight of the ammo crates but Rocky didn't have much trouble with it. Again the warning beacon for a weapons lock flashed on the panel. An anti aircraft missile barely missed the ship.  Jennie returned fire and damaged the battery.  Another warning beacon lit up. The mercenary mech shot at them with it's AC5 Autocannon. The mech did not miss. Two rounds hit the ship. One tore through a wing and another damaged engine number one. Several other small arms shots came up as few of them deflected off the armoured hull of the craft. Rocky “punched it” and they made their escape!

They met Lt. Jefferies at the ruins again and dropped off the ammo. The guardsmen loaded the ammo into their truck. Jefferies paid Jennie and Rocky and directed them to a location where they could get their ship repaired. The heist had been a success but they would have to lie low for a while especially since the mercenaries had almost immediately taken out a bounty on them.

Notes: What happened to Episode 3? Good question. We played that session before our last move and lost our notes. I have pics of the action but I can't remember the details. I may post the pics and what we do have soon but I wanted to get this episode up since it leads into the next battle in our Station 42 War campaign.
There wasn't a whole lot of fighting in this session. Mostly a bunch of information gathering and role playing. That's okay some times. Of course we used the Savage Worlds role playing rules for this game as we have for the other “Maxed Out” episodes. Using the different systems is really working out well especially since we aren't trying to over lap them much. Each game provides another chapter to what is going on around Station 42 which is just the way we planned it.


Deserter said...

Lovely battle report! Vehicles look brilliant! Was this basically roleplayed?

Ironworker said...

Yeah we used Savage Worlds RPG. I'll be posting the follow up battle report that has to do with this mission soon.