Monday, June 18, 2012

Legends of the Gold Sea Costal town tavern WIP

 We started working on the "Legends of the Gold Sea" project.  The first project will be a small costal town.  This is the tavern we are working on.  It will have a small staff. 
 It measures about 8x6" and it's about 3" tall.  Most of the buildings in the town will not be overly large.
Next up will be a small temple. 


The Lord of Excess said...

Cool stuff. Great idea to use the corkboard!

Ironworker said...

Thanks! Check here for some great cork tutorials:

Sergeant Crunch said...

How sturdy is the cork board as a roof, do you experience any sagging when several metal figures are placed on top?

Ironworker said...

I've been thinking about re-enforcing it.