Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A new Solar Empires Project.

 I'm working on a new Solar Empires blog that will serve as a source book for the setting.  In addition to setting background information I will also be including No Limits army list and Savage Worlds stats for the forces and vehicles for the setting.

 I've got the blog up but I'm not yet ready to promote it.  I want to get a lot more content up on the page before I start promoting the page.  The entire site will be organized by using the page feature of Blogger to create index pages that will like individual blog post under that topic.
 There will be a page for Forces of the Solar Empires which will list every individual force we are working on then link content relevant to those forces as I publish it.  In this way it will be a living source book.  I am doing this not only to keep things straight for myself my players but also because there has been enough interest in the setting that anyone who might be interested can use that information for their own games.  
 I've started by photographing the various vehicles we have assembled for the various armies and I have begun posting background information and stats for them.  We are also working on some original artwork to illustrate the setting background information.

 Unlike a lot of current 28mm science fiction settings many of the vehicles and mecha in Solar Empires are used by multiple factions.  In this way the setting is much more like the Classic Battletech setting and different from the Warhammer 40,000 setting where even different Imperial forces use different vehicles and equipment.  Some types of equipment may be used only by one faction but quite a bit of it is used by several operators.  Each equipment, mecha, and vehicle entry will have an allowed operators list so that any force on that list may use the equipment in question.
 One thing I want to point out is that nearly all of the hobby related Solar Empires content will remain on this blog.  Any time we scratch build something or make terrain for the setting or paint something I want to publish that content will still go up on this blog.  The new blog will just be for setting specific information.  
Also we will be keeping up the System News Network blog for In character news related game reports and other news related content.
It seems a little odd to have so many blogs dealing with Solar Empires content but I think this is the best way to handle all the content we are generating for the setting.
We have been working now for several years to make Solar Empires a fully realized hard science fiction setting and we have generated a lot of content but we also realize not everyone who comes to this blog wants to read post after post about the various details of the setting.  They just want to see game reports and hobby related content.  That is why we are organizing things this way.

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cedric said...

Looking forward to reading news about it. Please keep it in one blog as much as you can. Multiple blogs are difficult to visit often enough.