Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dystopia: Wastlands and Empires "Sweet Rides!"

I picked up some Pixar "Cars" movie cars today for my post apocalyptic project.  I considered some more regular die cast cars for the project but that would mean using either 1:43 scale or 1:64 scale which are too big and too small respectively.  The "Cars" toys seem to be right in the middle of those scales and they look pretty good next to 28mm miniatures.  Price wise they are not too bad.  They run 3-6 dollars each which is reasonable.  O course I plan to go all kinds of Mad Max on these things and add armored plates and weapons as well as bits to stowage to make them look appropriate for the desolate wastelands of the near future.    

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Sabotage! said...

Looking forward to seeing what you do with these Cars, I'm always impressed what you manage to do with toys. What you've done with toy starships has definitely inspired me for my upcoming 15mm project.