Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dystopia: Wastelands and Empires a possible project for 2015

I'm thinking about starting up a new Post Apocalyptic project for 2015 called "Dystopia: Wastelands and Empires".  Like my Solar Empires project I plan to use this setting for both miniature games and roleplaying.  Also like that setting the focus will be primarily human.  I already have a number of miniatures suitable for the setting in my collection but I'm sure I will buy more as the project progresses.

Setting Summery:  At the end of the 21st century an already collapsing society tipped over the verge after a brief nuclear exchange between the New Soviet Union and the North American Republic.  This nuclear war, though small in scale, ruined much of the Earth's already damaged echo system and caused major changes in terms of political power.  After several chaotic years most nations ceased to exist and instead larger metropolitan areas formed independent city states creating large domed structures to keep out pollution and radiation.  Life for citizens of the domed cities was fairly pleasant although tightly controlled by government and corporate forces.  Life outside the domes was anything but pleasant.  In the places that human life could still be sustained anarchy reigned.  Most survivors banded together to create tribes or gangs for mutual protection.  A few un-domed city states cropped up but they were far less sophisticated than their richer counterparts but most of the tribes lived a nomadic scavenging what they could off the bones of the past and constantly fighting others for their very survival.  Life continues the same to this day in the year 2142.

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