Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Black Dog painting WIP more "Accents"

I got the yellow accent marks highlighted. They appear pretty chalky here but when I do the wash they will blend better. I still have some details to paint them weathering. I think I'm going to go dig through my old model kits looking for decals I can use.


moif said...

It looks brilliant. I'd love to see it from various angles!

I've already been looking at prices for these models on e-bay and I'm going to do a conversion of my own some time in the not too distant future.

Well done!

Ironworker said...

When I get it done I'll post some pics of other angles.

You might check some on-line toy stores if you can't find them locally. I think this one cost me about $25.00 which is a steal compaired to buying something made especially for Wargames like a Forgeworld model.

I've heard Target has them for $17.00 but there are none in my area so I haven't checked them out.