Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finishing touches on the Black Dog conversion.

I was able to wrap up conversion on the "Cobra Gunship" last night using parts from the Platformer and Hexagon sets from Pegasus Hobbies. This turned out to be one of the easier conversion I've done of a toy to a game model because of the flexibility of those kits. Granted if I didn't already have these kits the cost of this conversion would have been a lot more but I've had they laying around for a while so I used them on this project. I could have probably scratch built what I needed out of cheaper material but this also gives me the advantage of being able to convert another gunship with exactly the same look.

Now on to the painting.


Cyborg Trucker said...

Aren't the I-mex set wonderful?! They are so handy for things other than just buildings. Did you hinge the ramp or is a slide out style?

Ironworker said...

It's set up like a slide out ramp but it doesn't fit inside the hold unfortunately. I'm thinking either of attaching it to the bottom of the ship or just pretending that it folds up or something and only attaching it when I need it. Could be a piece of dock equipment too I guess. It's not perfect but you know it's for gaming. :)