Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sky Sweeper painting WIP

I decided to take a break from the Black Dog for a bit to think about the rest of the paint job. I used some plastic card from a "For Sale" sign to cover some places where I cut off the missile pylons. I also made a hatch although I'm not totally satisfied with it. I think it will work though.

The I took the ship apart so I could paint it. The engines are just too complicated to try and paint around.

Here is a shot of the project my wife is working on. A Valkyrie drop ship from Games Workshop. This thing cost about $60.00 but it is a real nice model. We might pick up a couple for general sci-fi games but at that cost we can't buy a lot. That's why I like toys. They are usually much cheaper.

Here is a shot of the ship with the base cote. I think it's going to look pretty cool painted up. I haven't decided what I'm going to name this ship yet. Guess I better get that figured out since I'm going to try and get it painted over the next couple days.


Mr. L said...

this spaceport is a massive projet. What size board are you planning on? do you have a layout designed? Excellent work. Thank you.

Ironworker said...

I'm still working out the details. I'm probably going to start with four or five building compounds then let it grow from there. I'm planning on it being a "living" project.

Right now I have a mining facility, a fuel station and refinery, a scrap yard/repair shop, a truck stop style bar and store, and a security station.

That's what I'm starting with. Hopefully I'll have 6-10 ships and crews as well. I plan to build a lot more but that's what I'm starting with.

bandit86 said...

Now you got me wanting to buy these for both my 28mm and 15mm arrrrgggg.
Great job and very inspirering