Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Black Dog WIP finished interior!

I managed to get the interior of the Black Dog finished today and the ship re-assembled. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.

One thing I am eventually going to change is the extendable ramp. This one is just too long. For now though it will serve it's purpose.

I feel the cockpit re-scaled fairly well and that the ship looks reasonable as a 28mm ship. The engine compartments also turned out nice although they were a bear to paint.

Here is a nice closeup shot of the interior of the hold. I painted it green to give it contrast from the black hull. It also hints at an earlier military use.
Over all I'm really happy with other than the ramp but that's something I can fix later on. I'm also happy with my progress since I just purchased this ship a couple days ago and I've already got quite a bit of work done on it. I've still got some detailing to do and quite a bit of painting but if I keep up this pace I might have it finished by Sunday night.


Chris said...

Really nice work! You're right about it having scaled down well :) I'm gona have to head to some flea markets and car boot sales for some similar stuff! What are your plans for it rules wise? Will it function mainly as terrain?

Ironworker said...

Well I plan to use it for several differnt game systems and settings. Where appropriate I'm sure it will serve a number of functions. :)