Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Arthurian Asteroid Campaign: Battles Turn 1 and Movement Turn 2

 October 7th 3033, 208072 Tor.  Both the Martians and Jovians sent strike forces to 208072 Tor.  The Martians sent only one strike force while the Jovians sent two strike forces and a Mobile Mining Operation.  The Martians attacked the first Jovian strike force.
 The Jovians attempted to advance on their left flank but the Martian sniper, Veterans, and Guard troopers cut them down.
 The Jovians managed to kill four of the Martian Guard troopers but were wiped out to the man.
 The Martians continued the fighting attacking the 2nd Jovian strike force.  This time the Jovians took superior positions and did significant damage to the Martians in the first exchange.  The Martians decided to withdraw from 208072 Tor rather than be wiped out.  The Jovians suffered no casualties in the 2nd battle.
During the 2nd turn movement phase the Hell Knights launched raids against the Star Guard on 207829 Kay and on 207654 Percival.  The Jovians launched a raid on 207729 Balan.  The Martians moved a Mobile Mining Operation to 207728 Balin.

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