Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Arthurian Asteroid Campaign: Raids on 208072 Tor, and 207728 Balan. Map Moves Turn Three.

 October 10th 3033, 208072 Tor.  The Hell Knight Mercenary Company raided a mining operation on 208072 Tor.  The mining operation, owned by the Imperial House Mining Company was defended by the Grau Legion of the Jovian Imperial Legions.

 The mercenaries armored assault squads pushed forward into a rocky outcropping while their snipers covered them.  The Jovian Forces moved into two of the outpost buildings.

 Jovian and Hell Knight forces traded fire from their defensive positions with little effect.  The Jovians firing from building doorways while the mercenaries fired from good cover.

 A squad of Jovians attempted a break out from the building they were occupying killing one of the mercenary heavy troopers.  The Hell Knights returned fire wiping out the Imperials.  Another Jovian trooper, in the smaller building was taken out by a mercenary sniper.

 With only three troopers left the Grau legion decides that the battle is lost and withdraws from the mining outpost.  The Hell Knights collected 10,000 credits worth of resources while loosing only one trooper.

 October 10th, 3033, 207729 Balan.  The Grau Legion of the Jovian Imperial Legions raided a mining outpost owned by MacDuff and Campbell Mining Inc. on 207729 Balan.  The outpost was defended by the Hell Knights Mercenary Company led by an officer in a "Marksman" class battlesuit.

 The mercenary battlesuit equipped with a distortion field advanced and killed one Jovian trooper while the rest of the Hell Knights took up cover in rocky outcroppings.  Unfortunately for the mercenaries the Jovians riddled the walker with bullets finding enough weak points to bring it down.
 Even with the loss of their commander and the battlesuit the Hell Knights fought on from their defensive positions.  As the Jovians advanced the mercenaries fired several shots at them many of which hit but no Imperials fell.

 The Legionnaires armed with assault rifles cut down a small squad of Hell Knight scouts from long range.  The mercenary veterans responded killing almost all of the Jovians with a well aimed grenade from their grenade launcher and another kill from one of the troopers.

 The Jovians continued to advance killing a few more Hell Knights but loosing a trooper in the process.  Only two mercenaries and three Legionnaires remained at this point.

 As the Hell Knights fell back the grenade launcher armed trooper scored another kill against the advancing Imperials leaving only two of the Grau Legion in the fight.

 Although the battle was close the Hell Knights decided to retreat rather than be completely destroyed.  Although the Jovians gained 15,000 credits from the raid they also lost almost 4,000 credits worth of troopers.  It was a bloody and costly battle for both forces.
Map turn 3 saw some interesting developments.  The Star Guard won their only fight and the Martians did not fight at all during turn 2 so they both did fairly well.  The Martians purchased two more strike forces and another mobile mining operation moving the new mining operation to 207728 Balin.  The Jovians consolidated their position with a few new strike forces and mining operations.  The Hell Knights purchased another mining operation and two new strike forces (seen in yellow).  The also invaded 208082 Evaine and launched a raid on 207728 Balin.  The Star Guards purchased a couple more strike forces but no new mining operations then sent two strike forces to raid 207728 Balin as well.  Turn 3 saw the first defensive movement of the campaign when the Martians re-enforced 207728 Balin with an additional strike force to defend against the three raiding forces attacking there.

I will be posting the rules we are using for this campaign soon.  They are a very rough draft we are play testing with this campaign.


daveb said...

You are banging out a lot of games lately. Nice Job.

I really dig the look of the buildings up on the pylons/piers.

mattblackgod said...

Great looking game. Top looking table & minis.