Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Arthurian Asteroid Campaign: Turn 6 Raid on 208072 Tor and Battle for 208058 Hector. Map moves Turn 7

 October 21st, 3033 208072 Tor.  The Hell Knights once again raided Tor with a force including tanks, mechs, and infantry.  The Jovian's defended with two mechs and heavy infantry.

 The Hell Knights spend most the the battle focusing on killing the Jovian Infantry support which they were able to do quite easily with their fast light vehicles.
 The Jovians focused fire on the Hell Knight vehicles destroying the battlesuit and transport and damaging the tank.  Without infantry support the Jovian mechs were forced to withdraw.

 October 25th 3033, 208058 Hector.  The Martians, Jovians, and Star Guard all made an attempt to capture 208058 Hector on October 25th.  The Jovians brought two mechs while the Martians and mercenaries brought mostly infantry and battlesuits

 Even though all the forces involved were contesting the asteroid both the Martians and the Star Guard ignored each other and focused on the Jovians.
The Star Guard and Jovian infantry fought a heated infantry battle around a massive mesa both sides suffering several casualties.
 The Jovian mechs attacked the Martians laying waste to the battle suits early in the fighting and killing several Martian infantrymen easily.  The Jovians managed to hold on to Hector with a fairly decisive victory.

Notes:  In the face of overwhelming odds the Jovians and Star Guard both pulled out of a battle each rather than suffer a certain loss so turn 6 ended after just two battles.  

Turn 7 saw another massive build up of troops by the Jovians who purchased 40 strike forces.  The Hell Knights and Star Guard each purchased 20 strike forces while the Martians purchased 25.  The Hell Knights called for an alliance against the Jovian threat but this was largely ignored by the Star Guard and Martians who opted to build up and defend their territory.  The Jovians launched assaults against 207525 Merlin and 207829 Elaine forcing the Martians and Hell Knights to re-enforce those asteroids.  The Hell Knights assaulted 208080 Brangaine but the Jovians decided not to re-enforce the outpost.  The Hell Knights again raided 208072 Tor and the Star Guard raided 208082 Evaine.

It should be noted than even though there are a large number of strike forces (500pts each) involved in some of these invasions the battle point cap at the moment is 1,500 points so the battles will be divided into 1,500 point battles and the victor will be determined by victory points.  We expect this turn to take several weeks to complete where we were able to do more than one turn most weeks up till now.    


mattblackgod said...

I love this campaign. It's great entertainment.

cedric said...

Not sure if the Jovian win it all,I believe in a Martian come back.