Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Arthurian Asteroid Campaign: Turn 2 Hell Knights Raid 207811 Kay

 October 9th 3033, 207811 Kay.  The Hell Knights Mercenary Company attempted to raid an Eagle Heavy Industries mining operation on 207811 Kay.  The operation was defended by the Star Guard Mercenary Company.

 The Hell Knights LAGAREV transport made an aggressive move against the defenders moving out into the middle of the compound and attempting to shoot at a unit of Star Guards in some rocky outcroppings but failed to kill any.  The Star Guard sniper shot at the Hell Knight vehicle but failed to damage it.

 The LAGAREV made another pass against a squad of Star Guards who have moved out on to the top of a hill this time killing two member of the squad.  The rest of the squad moved down the hill to gain some cover from one of the buildings.  The Star Guard sniper kill at Hell Knight trooper.

 The Hell Knight vehicle again moved into position to fire at the remainder of the Star Guard squad killing another member.  The Star Guard sniper killed another Hell Knight from the other rifle squad.
 The unit of Star Guard that had yet to engage opened up on the LAGAREV destroying the vehicle with their assault rifles.  The Star Guard Medic unsuccessfully attempted to heal one of his comrades.

 In a bloody exchange of fire two more Star Guards and five Hell Knights were killed.

 Another two Star Guard are killed by a Hell Knight armed with a grenade launcher completely wiping out that squad.  Unable to get to any more of his comrades the Star Guard Medic retreated to join the sniper who had been moving to a better position.  
 The final Star Guard sergeant killed a Hell Knight armed with a grenade launcher while the other two Hell Knights retreated.  
The Star Guard sniper takes out the other Hell Knight armed with a grenade launcher leaving only the Hell Knight Sergeant alive.  The Medic and Sergeant exchange fire but neither kill the other.

Notes:  My Hell Knight played a bloody game against my daughter's Star Guards.  Up until the last couple of rounds it could have gone either way.  I will probably disband this strike force rather than pay to transport it to a safe location and repair it because it was nearly wiped out and it will probably cost less for me to just buy a new strike force next turn.  My daughter also rolled very well on her salvage roll and will gain enough credits to repair her force and have a tidy sum left over.  


daveb said...

How possibility callous to abandon those brave soldiers...

While highly credible in certain settings, maybe not highly appreciated by your own troops.

But seriously, you might consider a dice roll or something to see if there are negative effects for cutting troops loose like this. Maybe hiring frezes, drops in morale, bonus troops for your enemy (not really deserters since you aren't paying them anymore....).

Ironworker said...

Well it's only one trooper really and the Hell Knights are dirty mercenaries and chances are he would not be imprisoned by another mercenary unit. He might re-negotiate his contract and sign on with the Star Guard. It's just a business to them. These are also very rough rules we are trying to play test.