Sunday, October 5, 2014

"The Arthurian Family Conflict" An Asteroid Resource Campaign for the Solar Empires.

 Over two centuries ago the Langford Mining Corporation discovered a family of asteroids in the Kuiper Belt rich with resources.  They dubbed this new family of asteroids the "Arthurian Family" and named the individual asteroids they discovered after characters from the Arthurian legends.  The company established basic level terraforming on 30 of the richest asteroids in the group and even set up several fusion reactor satellites as artificial suns.  Things did not go well for the overextended company however and they quickly went bankrupt before they could begin mining operations.

Largely forgotten the asteroids of the Arthurian Family remained dormant until the Venture Star Prospecting company located them again.  The company sold claims to four different mining operations on four of the larger asteroids for a very tidy profit.  With the rest of the lesser asteroids in the family up for grabs the four companies have been scrambling to secure their assets in the region and expand their operations.
 In an unusual move the Grau Legion of the Jovian Imperial Legions have established a base on 207485 Arthur to protect the operations of the Imperial House Mining Company.  No one is quite sure why the Emperor would send troops from his personal guard to such a remote region but whatever the reason it must be considered a state secret because representative of the Imperial court would only state that the operations were in the interest of the Jovian Empire.

 The Jovians however were not the only government to send state troops to the region.  The M.S.S.R. have also established a military presence on 207525 Merlin to protect the People's Mining Consortium.  When asked why they sent troops to the Kuiper belt Soviet officials replied that it was of "strategic importance".  It is widely speculated that the main reason Soviet forces are present in the region is to keep an eye on the Jovian activities.

 The Hell Knight Mercenary Company has taken up a contract to provide security for "MacDuff and Campbell Mining".  This company with a major office on Pluto is in the best position to take advantage of the rediscovery of this asteroid family.  The Hell Knights are also based on Pluto so it is no surprise that they have taken this contract.  The Hell Knights are based on 207499 Morgana.

The Star Guards Mercenary Company has contracted with Eagle Heavy Industries out of Titan.  EHI has set up their main base on 207498 Mordred.  Being the smallest mining company in the region they have spared no expense on security hiring the Star Guards who are the largest security contractors in the entire Solar System.  

This is a map of the asteroids that are being contested.  The Jovian forces are represented by the white markers and are being played by our friend Curtis.  The Star Guards are being represented by the blue markers and they are being played by our daughter Erika.  The Green markers represent the Martians being played by my wife Michelle.  The Red markers represent the Hell Knights who are being played by me.

We already managed to have a battle encounter in the first turn when the Martians and Jovians both made a move for 208072 Tor.  The Jovians have sent two strike forces and one mobile mining operation while the martians have sent a single strike force.  Strike forces represent 500 points of assets and right now the battle limit is set to 500 point battles for the first three turns.

This is a test campaign for a resource campaign rules system I am working on.  


daveb said...

What are the mesa's in the background of the first picture made of? Pink foam with some cutting/sculpting? Or something else?

Ironworker said...

Yeah just foam with some sculpting. I made it with a friend several years ago. We were going to make a lot of them but we never got around to it.