Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Arthurian Asteroid Campaign: Raids on 207728 Balin and map moves turn 4 and 5

 October 11, 3033 207728 Balin:  The Hell Knights raided a mining operation on 207728 Balin owned by the People's Mining Consortium that was defended by Martian troops.

 As the Hell Knights advanced into the outpost the mercenary tank took out a Martian sniper hiding in an elevated building.  The Hell Knight scouts and a squad or Martian regulars took up positions inside building across from each other.

 The Hell Knight light hover tank continued to make life hard for the Martian snipers by blowing up a storage town than another sniper was using as a vantage point and causing the Martian to fall to his death.

 The Martians positioned in the building eventually wiped out the mercenary scout squad and did some damage to the veteran squad as well.

 The Hell Knight tank moved completely around the flank of the Martians killing the Martian commander and eventually the rest of his squad.  The Martians were forced to retreat and the Hell Knights Managed to steal 12,000 credits worth of resources.

 October 11th, 3033 207728 Balin:  Just a few hours after the Hell Knights conducted a raid on 207728 Balin the Star Guard conducted a raid as well.

 This time the Martians defended with two regular squads and a battlesuit armed with two heavy machine guns.  Early in the battle the Martian battlesuit and the Star Guard sniper exchanged several shots resulting in the Martian mecha taking light damage.

 Most of the Star Guard troopers took refuge in a large warehouse while the Martians close in.  The Star Guards killed a single Martian Trooper but only lost a couple troopers and a sniper.  The Star Guards were forced to withdraw.

 October 12th, 3033 207728 Balin:  The Star Guard again attempted to raid 207728 Balin.  This time the Martians defended with a veteran trooper squad, and sniper, and a squad or regular troopers.

 The mercenary sniper killed the Martian sniper early in the battle but the Star Guard advance was halted when a Martian regular killed one of the Star Guards.

The mercenaries also managed to kill a Martian veteran but the veterans returned fire killing another two Star Guards then they killed the mercenary sniper.  The Star Guard were forced to withdraw empty handed again.

 The turn 4 map movement was highly uneventful.  Several new strike forces and mining operations were purchased but absolutely no raids or assaults were launched.  The Jovians made a bold move to 207486 Guinevere with a large force and a few other asteroids were claimed by the other forces.

With all the money gained during turn 4 turn 5 saw a massive troop build up.  We also went to a 1000 point cap on battles so now two strike forces can be involved in assaults and raids.  The Martians broke out and made a major land grab claiming an additional four asteroids while the Star Guard launched a raid against every other faction.  The Hell Knight launched another raid on 208072 Tor.

Notes:  The game reports here are very abbreviated because a lot went on this weekend and I wasn't able to take really good notes.  The campaign is really starting to heat up.  I'm expecting to see some major assaults in the next few turns.  Because we went a turn without fighting we will now only have two turns with 1000 point battle caps.  At the end of turn 4 it looked like everyone was rich and that eventually we would have too much money from the resource rolls but moving all those new mining operations and strike forces around also cost a lot of money and we are about to take over all the unclaimed asteroids so I expect things to level off a bit in future turns.  

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