Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cheap Toy Tank Painted

 Well here is the painted tank I posted a couple days ago.  This is one of those "Army Men" tanks that I got out of a pack that had two tanks and a bunch of toy soldiers.  It basically cost about two dollars.  I think it painted up pretty well.  I may have over done the dirt on the skirting.  It's not as nice as a high quality resin or plastic tank kit but I'm pretty happy with it. 


slobberblood said...

Nicely done, it’s good to see another hobbyist using alternative models in their games. Also doing it the frugal way brings a smile to my face, keeping your money away from the “Evil Empire” and nurture creativity and art in the hobby is the way to go! – J

Alvinnixon said...

I like to visit this post. These are sawing a batter Cheap Toy Tank graphics. that's really amazing creation and create a nice picture. In my family many people are joined from Army so I like to collect this types of nice picture.

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Don M said...

Very nicely done! I've done similar things with matchbox sized vehicles for the scale I use.