Monday, May 7, 2012

Defiance Marines came in today!

Well after a very long wait my Defiance USM....  ehh UAMC Marines finally came in.  This new game company had a lot of trouble getting these off this ground.  These Marines are their first offering and they came out months after their release date.  That wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that they took pre-orders in late November of 2011 with a release date of January 2012.  Well they kinda missed the mark and that made a lot of people angry.  Myself included. 

I pre-ordered.  I put down my own money up for these and had to wait quite a while longer than expected to get my product.  I certainly vented a bit about that on some of the forums I went to but I was surprised a bit about one thing.  A lot of people got really angry at Defiance about just about everything. 

However it seemed that the people who got the most upset were people who had not in fact put any money down on the pre-order.  It seemed some people were determined to hate these minis no matter what.  Again most of these people were not they people who actually pre-ordered.  Every complaint in the book was lodged against these minis by people who hadn't invested a dime.  They hated their design. They said their proportions were off.  They said they looked like shit because they were computer renders. A lot of people hated the helmets.  They even hated the fact that you got extra legs and arms.  I think a lot of them even hated the fact that the company was U.S. based.  Mostly the hate came from people with no money invested. 

In my opinion most of their complaints were complete bullshit.  They are certainly entitled to their opinions but that doesn't make their opinions any less bullshit. 

Most miniature companies are not Games Workshop or even Reaper.  Most of them are very small companies with very limited capitol.  I'm certainly not letting Defiance off the hook completely but sometimes a small business can't recover from set backs so easily.  People are used to big business in every day life.  They are used to prompt service without delays and big companies with deep pockets that can fix things much more easily than small companies. 

Now all bullshit aside I think these are nice minis.  A set of non-gothic, non-Nazi styled sci-fi troopers.  They are a good value too.  I'll post a better review when I get them together but I'm plenty happy to finally have these minis.  I'm planning on getting at least one more box to assemble as is and probably another box or two to assemble with some Pig Iron heads.   


Lasgunpacker said...

Looking forward to your review. Loots of spleen venting over these figures, so a "real person" reviewing them will be welcome.

commissarmoody said...

That's great that you got yours!, I am still waiting for mine to arrive. Fingers crossed. :D

Mr. Lee said...

Great comments.. and agreed that sometimes we forget that the little guys are trying to make the hobby better, and that shiat does happen from time to time.. have supported many a new venture, and to be honest it can still happen to the big guys too ( like battlefoam cases as I had an issue with them this year )..

Looking forward to the more in depth review..

Scott Pyle said...

Nathan, I look forward to some better shots of these guys assembled--the company web site offers precious few that I could find.


Mik said...

I've never heard of these so I'm eager to see more, not that I'm painting right now, but I may pick these up "just because".

Anonymous said...

This is just horse shit.

Got a box and I've left them on the sprues. The heads look terrible-
The squashed in cheeks on these helmets make em look like a complete joke.
If cheap looking plastics is your thing you'll love these.

If you do not happen to be an 8yr old boy, then look around cos there a hell of a lot of decent manufacturers out there, without giving money to these a-holes.