Saturday, May 19, 2012

Defiance Marines Assembled

Well we got our Defiance Games UAMC assembled.  Or rather I should say my wife got them assembled.  I did four of them.  She put these together while I was assembling a squad of Cadian Imperial Guards from Games Workshop.  In fact she got 22 assembled while I'm still working on a 10 man squad.  In my defence I'm cutting all the skulls and wings off the IG gear and that is slowing me down but I still feel inadequate. 

I guess you could say these guys went together well but there were some issues.  Many of the parts are very small.  The web gear pouches are tiny.  Like 1/16thx1/8th inch square.  The shoulders are small and hard to line up and you have to be careful getting the arms to line up with the guns.  I would say they are slightly harder to assemble than a box of Imperial Guards or any other GW kit besides Fantasy Undead. 

The guns are probably the highlight of this particular set of minis.  They are very nicely sizes and designed.  It's nice to see some plastic Sci-Fi troopers that aren't armed with over sized guns.  I also like the fact that these are not just stand in Imperial Guards.  They aren't armed with some variation of las guns but instead bullpup assault rifles and SAW style machine guns.  This makes them actually not Imperial Guardsmen instead of not/Imperial Guards if you follow.  I actually like the helmet design.  I've seen similar concepts in articles about "future soldiers".  I can see why some people don't like them but there are lots and lots of conversion heads out there to work with.  The armour is not awful.  It's clunky but a lot of modern body armour is as well and these are suppose to be "near" future troopers.  I would have liked it if it was a bit more sleek looking but it doesn't put me off.  The leg armour is the most questionable.  It is thick at the ankles.  Armour design is one of those aesthetic choices that is very subjective.  I've seen worse and far more impractical designs than this but it does have a slightly clunky feel.  Proportionally they are more correct than the "husky" Imperial Guard designs. 

As far as detail goes I would have to say that they aren't GW yet.  I don't care for a lot of GW concepts but their models are nicely detailed.  These are softer in detail.  Similar to Wargames Factory "Shock Troopers".  I wish the entire model was a sharp as their guns.  The guns are fairly sharp and detailed but in places the detail falls off on the rest of the model.  Hopefully they will get better at this with future releases. 

The place these guys really win is in value.  Purchased from Defiance they are a bit over a dollar a fig and purchased from they are a bit less than a dollar a fig.  Considering that Imperial Guardsmen are now about $3.00 a fig that is a very nice value.  Lets put it this way.  For a platoon of plastic Imperial Guardsmen you can buy a Company of these guys.  When you are putting little boots on the table top instead of models in the display cabinet that makes a big difference.  These guys are good enough to make decent troopers to game with.  No I wouldn't expect to win a painting contest with them but I don't enter a lot of those.  I'm looking forward to having big battles in 28mm scale again without having to run up a credit card or pick up a second job.

We will be using these guys as the Titania Planetary Guard for our Sci-Fi games.         


Mik said...

Painted up and hitting dirtside en masse these guys are going to look great. Thanks for the review on them.

Ironworker said...

I should have some up soon. I'm almost done with two four man fire teams.