Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cheap toy tank "upgraded"

I picked up a pack of cheap army men that came with two equally cheap tanks.  These are the typical army men tanks based loosely on the M48 Patton Tank.  I used to use these as Predator tanks for my Space Marine army way back during 2nd edition 40k. 

We added a laser cannon made from a automatic pencil and a coaxial scatter laser from a Dark Eldar Heavy weapon.  The armoured skirting and reactive plates are made from thin cardboard cut from a box of crackers and the hinges are made from spare sprue.  We also plated up the bottom so it wasn't just a hollow cavity.

This is a pretty cheap attempt to make a "futuristic" tank.  I think it will paint up well enough to suit our needs.  We plan on using these as the MBT of the Titania Planetary Guard. 

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JimHupp said...

I have around 7 of these from my childhood and had planned on doing something similar with them, glad to see they turn out so well!