Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hell Knights Mech Build "The Guts"

I'm working on this Iron Man "Assault Armour" to use as a mech for my Hell Knights.  It's a really cool. toy and it only cost me about $20.00 U.S. which is way less than any similar game model would cost.  The biggest problem with the toy is that they middle of the torso and legs are basically hollow.  The idea is that you put the little Iron Man action figure inside the armour.  Well that's all good but it makes for a pretty silly looking mech.  What I needed to do was figure out a way to make the guts to fill out the torso and legs. 

I had some other considerations.  I plan to get several of these so I didn't want to use model kit bits because I only have just so many of them.  It would have looked really good but I would have had to have made the guts of each mech different or track down several model kits of the same kind which would have made this project much more expensive.  What I needed were cheap bits I could pick up almost anywhere.  I used a bottle cap to fill out the main part of the torso and a little weapon bit from the toy that hung under the arms and looked stupid.  The "gyro" is just a wooden barrel you can get from various craft stores or craft suppliers on line.  The leg structure is made from half a plastic cloths pin cut in half.  The nylon cord will by the myomer muscles I will wrap around the legs and inside the torso.  The network cable will be stripped of it plastic coating and the smaller wires will be used as wiring. 

I think this will go together pretty easily.  I'm going to paint the guts silver then give them a wash.  The wiring I am just going to give a wash.  Then I'm going to put the guts in after the mech is painted.  I think this will produce a much more real looking mech than just painting up the toy as is.

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