Monday, March 17, 2008

I had some time today to work on these guys. Unfortunately I was pretty sick today which didn't do anything for my speed. I've lost track of exactly how long I've been on these guys but I'm probably not moving fast enough.
Well Vinnie was the only one without skin and hair so I started with him. I thought the blue hair would help him stand out a bit and lend to the space pirate ideas as well.
I usually work back and forth in a group. Whatever model I just finished a step on gets the next step. Vinnie got several steps and all that's really left is touchup and finishing the base which I'm going to do as a group.
Here's the whole group as they are at the moment. Vinnie is mostly done and I finished the warpaint and eyes on the others. I'm very close to being done with this group which is good since they are suppose to be speed paints. I had a hard time with the eyes on these guys. They arn't all that small but my eyes are getting bad and I just can't see them well anymore even with magnification. Oh well I guess I'm just growing old.

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