Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Well I just relized my graphic has a typo. Oh well I'm sure I'll fix it soon. Anyhow. Yes I'm suppose to be working on my Tramp Steamer project but I was starting to feel overloaded with pulp projects so I decided to take a quick break and paint a few space pirates. The first group up are a squad of Duct Rats from The Bloodborn Crew. Duct Rats are basically going to be the lowliest squad in my space pirate list. This group of Duct Rats is led by Vinnie the fellow with the mowhawk. The Bloodborn Crew colors are red and black and they have two red stripes of vertical warpaint or tatoos going down their face through their eyes.

So here's Vinnie and his Duct Rats. I cleaned the mold lines then brushed them with a soft brass brush. Then I mounted them on round bases.

After that I puttied their base slots with Elmers wood putty. I tried to keep the putty thin on top of the base.

My plan for their bases is that they will look like they are walking through a rusted out space hulk with debris strewn everywhere. I've used a bunch of plastic bits from a 1/35 scale weapons sprue from Tamya's WWII line.
I was careful not to leave a lot of recognizable bits so I used mostly the pieces of tripods and other less recognizable parts.
Vinnie got a big ammo box on the edge of his base with random bits of loot sticking out.

After I finished their bases I primed them with Duplicolor black primer.

Now it's Dinner time but I hope to return to these guys before the night is out and start painting them. My space pirate army will be painted more loosely than a lot of my more recent paintjobs. I'm hopeing to use this army to try and establish a style that will enable me to paint troops up faster than my current style does without sacraficing too much quality. The characters in this army will however still get nicer paint jobs than the rank and file.

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