Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Terrain Project Roundup Continued

Well after the family get together my wife and I got back into the studio with plans to paint up the tiled table. It was looking pretty good with it's cool blue base and considering how long it took to get all the tiles glued on we were excited to see it comming together.
First I laid down a drybrush or ocre yellow. I wanted some warmth comming up through the layers of paint especially with the very cool base.

Here is the table top with the ocre yellow drubrushing. The yellow looks a bit more intense in the photo than it actually was.

We then drybrushed a warm grey over that. We almost considered stopping here as it looked pretty nice over the table.

Here is a closeup shot of the table tiles at this stage.

We decided to mix the warm grey with a warm off white for a final drybrushing. I'm really happy we went to this stage because the table does look much nicer with this final stage of highlights. We were also careful to do heavier drybrushing in some areas to give the surface texture more variety.

Here is a closeup of the finished table top. Colors are a bit off in the photo but you get the idea.

My wife and I took turns drybrushing so I took some time to glue palpatine to his base for my statue project.

Also I've been forgetting to photo the orc tents. We this is one I finished last year when I assembled the rest of the tents. Eventually I hope they all turn out as nice as this one.

Here are the rest of the Orc tents we are currently working on.

All these projects on the table are ones I hope to finish up by the end of this next week. Some of them may not get as much finish as I had intended but they will all get done is possible.

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