Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Terrain Roundup Friday night projects.

Well it's Friday night and tomorrow we are going to Recruits convention but we decided to do some more terrain work. I didn't get pictures of everything we worked on because we were also packing up for the con and I had other things on my mind.
Here's a nice shot of the orc tents arranged among some terrain. I think they look pretty good but I need to at least get a couple fire pits soon or I could hardly call it a camp.

My wife finished painting this small cottage. I think it looks pretty nice. We also worked on two other village buildings. Hopefully we will have a small village done soon.

I worked on some new trees. I had some stands in progress but I didn't like them so I put these together. They are made from pipecleaners with foamcore bases. I added small rocks to the bases to give them some ballast and help them stand up. They seem quite sturdy at this stage. The next step will be painting them with brown laytex paint then I will finish the bases and add terry cloth foliage to the limbs.

Well Saturday we are going to Recruits so I should have a con report either Sunday night or sometime Monday!

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