Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reaper Chronoscope!

Reaper Miniatures just announced a new line of miniatures! You can find their announcement here.

I'm quite excited about this. Reaper is my favorite miniature company but for the last several years my interest in the Fantasy genre' has be waning. I was somewhat excited when Reaper started talking about a 28mm version of their CAV game but that never materialized. Fortunately rather than abandon some great sculpts they have decided to use Chronoscope to release not only these figs but also as a test bed for new ideas. This kind of fresh change of pace is something you usually only expect from single sculptor lines and I think it's great to see such a well established company branching out and looking at new things. The great thing about Reaper picking up new genre' is that you can find Reaper figures in local shops alongside Games Workshop and some of the other bigger labels but there isn't a lot of variety as those games seem to copy each other. If the figure above is any indicator we can look forward to Sci-Fi figs that aren't slathered in gothic iconography and that's quite refreshing!

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