Monday, March 3, 2008

B.M.A.P. Unholy Alliance Episode 2

Unholy Alliance Episode 2

Late March 1919. Members of La Brigade Mobiles Des Affaires Paranormales guard a farmhouse outside of Paris where a German occultist recovers from wounds he suffered at St. Huberts two weeks prior. It has been discovered that the man is a member of a secret society known as the Thule Society. Little is known about this secret organization but the B.M.A.P. Agents have been warned to keep an eye out for any rescue attempt. As further security the agents have been assigned a few French Foreign Legionnaires but they are suppose to keep a low profile.

As dusk approaches several figures are seen on a hill south of the farmhouse. They appear to be German mercenaries. Two columns of figures then emerge from the woods on either side of the hill. It's difficult to tell what they are at first but it soon becomes clear they are walking dead! B.M.A.P. Agents Claude, Selene, and Marie and their four men take up positions to defend the house.

Agent Claude and Agent Selene take up a position near one of the weaker spots in the farms defenses.

The agents begin to fire on the horrid creatures approaching the farmhouse. A few of the undead are destroyed but they continue to advance.

As the undead approach the German mercenaries begin to fire from the hill. One of the B.M.A.P. Men is shot down.

As the undead reach the farmhouse another defender is shot.

The Legionnaires defend the back hedge as the undead creatures charge the farmhouse. Another defender is killed at the gate and things start to look grim.

With no more targets to shoot at the German mercenaries move down from their position and start to advance on the farmhouse.

Agent Claude defends the weak point while Agent Selene starts up one of the trucks.

The fighting starts to get intense. Outnumbered the defenders start to loose men quickly.

Agent Selene backs the truck over two of the undead crushing them but nearly hitting one of the Legionnaires in the process.

She then pulls forward and plows straight through the west side of the hedge. Just as the German mercenaries reach the gate.

The Germans rush into the back yard of the farmhouse shooting but they miss all their targets.

Agent Selene gets out of her truck and shoots one of the Germans. Another is downed by a Legionnaire.

Agent Claude fights hard against his attackers and has only one left.

Rutger Howser Thule Society member and employer of the mercenaries decides it's time to get involved. He carefully advances hoping he won't be seen.

Agent Marie destroys another undead creature while under fire from the mercenaries. She's not hit but another Legionnaire goes down leaving only one of the brave soldiers standing.

Agent Marie moves into cover while agent Claude dispatches the last of his attackers.

Rutger Houser sneaks into a stand of trees and fires on agent Selene hitting her but not wounding her.

Anja Weiss, Thule Society mystic, senses that the undead under her control have all been destroyed. She moves towards to farmhouse to see if she can lend her allies aid.

Tired of getting shot at Agent Selene gets back in her truck and pulls back into the yard to support her fellow agents.

Too late to help with the battle Anja and the German Sergeant flee as Rutger covers their escape.

Anja and the Sergeant make it safely to the woods.

After being wounded twice Rutger decides its time to run as well.

He doesn't get far however before agent Selene catches up to him. Bleeding and tired he give up without further struggle.

The Farmhouse is safe for now and another Thule Society member has been captured in the process but this gives the B.M.A.P. agents little relief. Many of their men were killed or wounded and they now know this Thule Society has discovered a way to raise the dead and control them!


That concluded the battle for this episode. It was a clear victory for the B.M.A.P agents but they lost a lot of men during the fighting. They were outnumbered both in numbers and points but had a defensive position and more guns. They scored very few hits in the three turns it took the skeletons to reach the farmhouse which hurt them badly in hand to hand. All in all I'd say the battle went pretty well though. If you missed the first game you can find part 1 here and part 1.5 here.


Kevin said...

I think I commented on the Reaper forum about how much I enjoyed your posts. I can't wait to see what happens next in any of these, so keep 'em coming!

Just a quick question, I've started to look at the rules for no limits, and I was wondering how you created stats for the Thule mystic?

Ironworker said...

The mystic was more of a plot device. I'm using the No Limits rules to run an RPG style narative campaign. She's basically an NPC like in an RPG and since I figured she would not have much direct impact on the fighting I didn't exactly work out here powers and decided all her concentration was spent controlling the undead.

Kevin said...

Gotcha. I love the combination of the RPG mixed with the skirmish action. I think I'll sit down now and actually read the No Limits rules instead of being lazy.

Thanks for your reply!

Ironworker said...

It's a pretty cool set of rules. My wife and I have played a couple regular games using the Star Wars list in just a straight up wargame style game and had a good time.

Anonymous said...

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