Thursday, March 13, 2008

Well these guys seem to be good and cursed. I didn't have to work today but I didn't get to my studio till 10:30am then I had to go to lunch at 11:30am with my wife. Then about 2:00pm the power went out and didn't come back on until 4:00pm. Then at 5:00pm I had to pick my wife up from work. I still have some major family task to do tonight as well so there goes my day of painting.

Well before lunch I managed to slap on some red paint. I often go from largest color to smallest. It makes it seem like I'm getting done faster that way. Unfortunately I managed to pick the wrong red. I was going to use vallejo scar red but instead picked up gory red. I decided just to work with it.
When I came back from lunch I started highlighting. First with bloody red mixed about 50% with gory red then with bloody red as a final. These highlights were very loose and fast. Not as random as a drybrushing but not smooth like more careful highlights. For troops this still look nice and like an impressionist painting it looks quite smooth from a proper viewing distance. Some would say that at game distance the looser highlights show up better.

Just for kicks I added a white shirt on a couple of the figs. These were highlighted up from a grey base with ivory white.

Well here's where I am at the moment. I got the black areas touched up then I mixed black with a light blue for the first highlight. Unfortunately I only got two out of three of the figures done before I had to go. Hopefully I'll be able to finish later tonight.

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