Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Terrain Roundup "Orc Tents"

We decided to bring a project home with us today. We are all going to Recruits Convention in Lee's Summit Missouri this weekend so we took a couple days off work to get some stuff finished. Our daughter is also on spring break at school so we thought it would be a good time to get some family time in. The project we brought home was the rest of our orc tents. Six of them plus the one we finished several months ago.
Just a quick breakdown on how these things go together. First we built the frames out of sticks from our yard and foamcore bases. We used hot glue to put the frame together because it was much easier for this kind of structure than a slower setting glue. We then covered the structure with scraps of muslin and terry cloth. We cut the muslin into odd rectangles that were not too big to look like they could have been stolen from the tents and gear of non-orc armies. The terry cloth we used to simulate heavy fur hides and some of them were even cut into hide shapes. We used Aleens Tacky Glue to glue the cloth to the wood structure. After that set up we coated the entire outside with some slightly diluted Emlers wood glue. After that dried we coated the edges of the foamcore with elmers glue and dipped the base in sand to texturize it and protect it from the spray paint. After the base dried we sprayed the whole structure with Krylon Ultra Flat Brown from their cammo paints. That's pretty much how we assembled and prepped the tents.

After that we applied the paint. We tried to add some variety to each section of cloth and fur. We used mostly dry brushing techniques to apply the colors. Some of the sections we even painted in wide stripes as if they had been taken from a large striped pavilion. We then finished up the wooden supports in the doorways and drybrushed the edge of the base with Delta Cermacote trail tan.

Here are our six new tents and the one we already had done. The basic parts to our orc camp project. We still have to add watchtowers, a boss tent with interior, a slave pen, a gate, and several sections of log palisade among other things.

We managed to paint the six tents in the afternoon and finished just in time for dinner.

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