Monday, March 17, 2008

Rescue on Tatooine

Rescue on Tatooine
Wizards of the Coast produces a fairly nice line of pre-painted Star Wars minis. Normally I don't like playing with pre-paints but we've been using these to test out No Limits and although I've been working on painting up a few I'm no where near having even one army done. This battle is a basic rescue operation at 1000 points. Princess Leia has taken her personal yacht to Tatooine to rescue an Imperial informant. Unfortunately for her the Imperials have caught wind of her plan. A local cell of Rebel insurgents led by Oona Fortella are holding the informant in a compound outside of Bestine Spaceport. A platoon of Imperial Stormtroopers have been dispatched under the command of Lt. Derker Steel to prevent the informants escape. The bounty hunter Dengar has been hired by the Imperials to bolster their strength and probe droids have been attached to two of the three squads.

We went with a split deployment to make things more interesting.

Insurgent leader Oona Fortella draws first blood as she guns down the Sergent of Beta Squad.

Stormtrooper Squads Beta and Gamma advance towards the compound while squad Alpha provides covering fire. Squad Alpha and a Rebel Fleet squad engage in a heavy fire fight from opposite sides of the road. Both squads take casualties but the rebels, lacking heavy armor, get the worst of it.

The fighting gets more brutal across the road but the armored Imperial troops continue to shrug off blast after blast. Let it never be said Stormtrooper armor is mealy ceremonial.

Despite having a height advantage the insurgents aren't doing much better than the fleet troopers. Squad Gamma and Dengar Kill all but a lone Jawa in short order.

The Rebel squad fighting with Squad Alpha falls back from their position. The other Rebels fire on Squad Gamma but most of their squad is out of range so they have little effect.

The Rebels switch their attention to Squad Beta who are closer but again the armor of the Stormtroopers proves it usefulness. Things are looking bad for the Rebels. Their Fleet Troopers have taken heavy casualties and the insurgents in the compound are about to be surrounded.

Squad Alpha leaves their position and this time it's Beta squad who provides covering fire. On the other side of the compound squad Gamma move forward with little opposition.

Suddenly the Jawa insurgent comes out of hiding and shoots a Stormtrooper. A hail of blaster bolts will lay him low moments later.

With no hope of victory the Rebels withdraw to their ship and the insurgents in the town surrender.

Notes: The imperial victory here was due to totally improbable die rolls. I would estimate I made over 60% of my required rolls and that's pretty high considering I only had a 40% or less chance of success on most of my test. My wife couldn't believe how many armor saves I made. Her troops where hitting and wounding just fine but my armor was holding even against weapons with modifiers. I found the probe droids with scanners to be immensely helpful for the squads they were assigned to. All in all I would call it a good battle and Leia escaped so we could have a follow up game.


Anonymous said...

Curious as to what Toy, Model, or Miniatures Line that ship came from. It looks familiar but not sure...

Ironworker said...

It's a JLA toy. I think it came with The Flash. I've had it for several years and it's been a while since I've seen one in stores but if your looking for one you might try e-bay.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, knowing what toy line it was from made it easy to find. It's the Javelin 7 from the Justice League "Mission Vision" Vehicles series of 2004.
I knew it looked familiar becuase I liked the look of the ship then. Remember picking one up and carrying it a round a Target for a while and putting it back.
Now I know what to look for on e-bay, at first thought it was GI Joe.