Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Terrain Project Roundup!

Well spring is finally here and looking around the studio we saw that we had a lot of unfinished terrain projects so we decided to take some time to rap up the ones that looked easiest to finish. We're also planning on wrapping up some of our miniature projects that have been nearly done for several months or longer. Today however we just worked on terrain.
We've been playing games on this 4'x4' table top made from masonite covered with terry cloth and painted with laytex paint. The table was never properly finished. I started painting the table brown then drybrushing green over that then I was going to drybrush some ocre lightly over that. When I did the brown and green I did it under very poor lighting so I missed a bunch of spots and the white terry cloth showed through. Ever since then I've planned to give the whole table a wash and repeat the green drybrush and add the ocre one but as the table was playable we kept putting that off. Tonight we got the wash done so we should be able to finish it up by monday.

I had this old statue project made from a Star Wars Palpatine action figure and a hirst arts base. I had the base done for a couple years now and it's been on the shelf. Today I cut a foamcore top and glued the figures joints so it wouldn't move.

After I got the top cut I used elmers wood putty from a squeeze tube to texture it. The top piece here and the statue will be painted as a weathered bronze while the base will be painted sandstone color.

The girls started this table top over a year ago. It's covered in irregular tiles cut from scrap pieces of mat board. We were going for a lost civilization or ancient alien look. They managed to wrap up the tile work tonight. I can't wait to see what this looks like painted!

A few months ago we cut out and based about 20 of these little paper tents we found a pattern for on the Games Workshop web site. These were suppose to be used in one game but that game fell through so we ended up with the 20 tents just kinds sitting arround. Eventually we got around to painting three of them up as just white canvas tents for a D&D game but the rest just gathered dust. I decided tonight to paint up another three in a drab military style. I also finished up a tan one with a desert base but didn't photograph it yet. We also did some work on some scratchbuilt Orc Tents we did the assembly on last year but I forgot to get a picture of those. If you look through my game reports you should see the white tents in a few places.

Well that was about six hours of work today and quite a bit acomplished. We have a family get together tomorrow but we're taking the rest of the day to try and get these projects a bit further along. We might even go back tonight for a late night session.

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