Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Spring Terrain Roundup!

Well we got back into the studio this morning and got quite a bit acomplished in a short time. Our daughter is on spring break at school so I'm planning on spending extra time with her this week working on terrain projects in the studio. It will mostly consist of finishing old projects but I've promised her at least one new building for one of her characters.
We got the grassland table top done and I think it looks great! The hills were already painted like this and they look even better on the new surface. I'm sure glad I went back and fixed the problems on this board and finished painting it.

We managed to get the tile table top basecoated with a cool grey coat of laytex paint. I think it's going to look quite nice when it's done. This table has taken literally years to come together mostly because it's tedious to glue down all those tiles and not something anyone wanted to do for long periods of time but I think the work is going to pay off nicely.

With any luck I'll be able to get back into the shop tonight to do some more painting on the tile table and perhaps work on a couple other projects as well.

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